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Our Commitment: Changing the world. One kindness at a time.

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation was created to restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations and government entities.

"The ugly truth is that many things in life get out of harmony. Perhaps because the right attention was not given to someone in his life.

"A lot of the time there is nothing we can do except realize the importance of becoming better people ourselves. In our minds, let's search for the links that will help us feel love and compassion, peace and harmony. Let us share strength and help each other dissolve our fears.

"Let us understand our pain and the pain of others and send out the goodness and fellowship of our hearts and minds. Although the young life of Emily Keyes was selfishly interrupted by a lost individual, the soul of Emily Keyes is not lost."

John Harden - October 6, 2006


The "I Love U Guys" Foundation
PO Box 1230
Bailey, CO 80421

Board of Directors

Barbara Behl
Dr. David Benke
Ted Carpenter
Dr. Carolyn Mears
Crystal Quinn - Secretary/Treasurer
Lee Shaughnessy - Vice President
Ellen Stoddard-Keyes - President

Executive Director

John-Michael Keyes

Advisory Board

Mary Sasser
Louis Gonzalez
Russ Defner
Tom Wright