Emily's Parade

The Ride and the ER::5K Run – Two Events. Communities United.

Photo by Jeff Faist/Phat Ratt Photography

The goal is uniting community. Every year on the last Sunday in September we bring a diverse group of people together for one amazing day. Show the world that community bridges occupation, pastime and passion. And raise some funds to support our mission. We have done some amazing things in the aftermath of tragedy. It is an important message; important actions. The "I Love U Guys" Foundation responsibly distributes the generous donations from participants and onlookers effectively towards our stated goals.

The Ride

The 1st Annual Emily's Parade was held just 10 days after the shooting at Platte Canyon High School. It was quickly determined that the proceeds from that Ride would go to benefit the six heroes who were in the classroom with Emily. There was no official count of bikes in attendance, but they numbered in the thousands.

And each year since, thousands of motorcycle riders make the approximately 45 mile journey from Columbine to Platte Canyon in honor of those lost to school violence. The events at these two schools united our communities in the pursuit of school safety. This ride exemplifies our ability to set differences aside in order to tackle our most significant challenges.
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Photo Gallery

We're grateful to multiple photographers for taking loads of great pix. Take a look at the photo albums on our Flickr page: The I Love U Guys Foundation's Photostream

As always, Southwest Scooter News encapsulated the feel of the day in a well-written article. Read it on their website now.

The ER::5K Run

The morning of Emily's Parade is celebrated with a Memorial Run and Walk in honor of all first responders who dedicate their lives to helping others. The course is on and around Platte Canyon property which retains the essence of a real cross country run. With a diverse combination of runners and walkers including first responders, clubs such as "Girls on the Run" and community members, this is a unique autumn run.
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The Inaugural Emily's Run 2007 and the ER::5K

On September 29, 2007, law enforcement officers and emergency responders from throughout the Rocky Mountain region converged on Bailey, Colorado for a memorial run as part of the 2nd Annual Emily's Parade.

The Jefferson County Regional SWAT team met at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Golden in the pre-dawn hours. With the memorial Guidon (flag) dedicated to the memory of Emily, and joined by Emily's twin brother Casey, the team set off to run the same roads they had driven on September 27, 2006, when responding to the emergency at Platte Canyon High School.

Hosted by The Jefferson County Regional SWAT team, the Run was a tribute to first responders across the nation, symbolizing the respect and committment of these essential individuals to their communities and to each other.

The Run stretched over 38 miles, with runners in teams of two or more carrying the Guidon. They were joined in Bailey by many more first responders and Platte Canyon High School students and completed the final 5K of the trek together. This Run was named the Emergency Responders 5K (ER::5K). An amazing achievement by some phenomenal people.
A heartfelt "wow!" goes out to each one.

Left: Emily on the track team, Spring, 2006. Photo by Cal Smith.
Right: The Inaugural ER::5K, 9/29/07. Finishing the run at Platte Canyon High. Photo by Heather Kassman.

You don't choose tragedy.