In looking at charitable giving, The "I Love U Guys" Foundation strongly encourages you to evaluate how an organization utilizes funds. We agree with GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance that simply looking at "Overhead" may not be the best measurement of effectiveness. In fact, those organizations have penned an Open Letter to the donors of America about the "Myth of Overhead."

Without looking at outcomes, one might see the bulk of the Foundation's expenses come under the "Overhead" umbrella. Yet we're impacting millions of students, hundreds of thousands of educators, administrators and school staff, and tens of thousands of first responders.

In a nutshell, here's what we do: Research the issues
Identify the missing pieces
Develop the programs
Collaborate and refine
Create educational materials
Advocate the programs
Deliver the programs at no cost
Train kids, cops and educators


One metric that we've developed takes last year's total revenue and applies it to the total number of schools that are using our programs this year. With that metric, every two cents the Foundation received in 2012 impacted 28 kids, 3 educators and a cop in 2013.


We have several different programs in thousands of schools across the country. The Standard Response Protocol and the Standard Reunification Method are our flagship programs and are in use in schools across North America.


We have also provided Platte Canyon High School graduates with a supplemental scholarship. At this point we've given over $35,000 to these remarkable students.

15 Acres of Optimism

An anonymous donor gave the Foundation 15 acres outside of Bailey, Colorado. Having obtained Commercial Zoning we are now in the first phases of developing this property with Community access firmly in mind.

Please Give

Please consider us with your charitable giving.