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15 Acres of Optimism

In December, 2010, a 15-acre parcel of land in Bailey was donated to The "I Love U Guys" Foundation. What the future holds for this property is still uncertain, but some very creative ideas have been presented.

04.24.2011: Foundation Receives Anonymous Donation

Emily's Parade, The Ride, 09.27.2008

The 3rd annual motorcycle ride from Columbine High School to Platte Canyon High School, now named, "Emily's Parade," drew over 1600 bikes out on a sunny day. The Parade was held on the 2-year observance of the shooting.

09.30.2008: 3rd Annual Emily's Parade Draws Thousands

Emily's Parade: The Ride and Run, 09.29.2007

The 2nd annual motorcycle ride from Columbine High School to Platte Canyon High School, now named, "Emily's Parade," had more than 1600 participants, and included a memorial run from Golden to Platte Canyon High School.

09.04.2007: Emily's brother to make 38-mile run with SWAT Team

09.29.2007: Community Runs, Walks, Rides for Emily Keyes

Columbine to Canyon Ride, 10.07.2006

Many amazing and spontaneous Acts of Kindness arose in response to the Platte Canyon shooting. A notable early event was the motorcycle tribute ride from Columbine High School to Platte Canyon High School, held on October 7, 2006. The official crowd watchers stopped counting at 2500 riders, with only one of three parking lots cleared! Some of the coverage of the ride...

10.07.2006: Choppers roar for slain teen.

Donor Awareness Fund

Organ and tissue donation has emerged as an important part of Emily's gifts to the world. At the beginning of 2007, the Keyes family joined with Donor Awareness Council to help support the legislation to reauthorize the Colorado Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Fund, now named in honor of Emily. Colorado legislators were extraordinarily supportive through many hours of testimony and consideration of the bill.

01.17.2007: The parents of Emily Keyes came to the Capitol today to testify in support of continued funding for organ and tissue donations.


There have been many reminders of the power of Emily's message and her legacy of love. Here are a few examples that made the news...

10.01.2006: Keyes' memory etched in mother

09.27.2007: One year later... most of the town turned out to remember.

PCHS stories

Platte Canyon High School is an amazing school. The students and faculty at PCHS have rallied after the shooting, and continue a tradition of greatness that will continue. Go, Huskies!

05.02.2007: Tragedy's lessons find eager scholars

05.13.2007: Platte Canyon High School Students build tribute to fallen classmate

10.04.2006: Game aids healing for family, Bailey

CBI Report Release Statement

Much was learned from the the Columbine High School shootings, and it was clear that the Keyes' response to the first responders' actions at Platte Canyon High School, on September 27, would be pivotal to allowing the community to heal, especially when the initial CBI summary report was published...

03.27.2007: Keyes family statement on release of the CBI Summary Report

03.27.2007: Keyes family praises officers


Hundreds of stories and thousands of words have been written about the events in Bailey. A few provide reminders of the resilience of this town and its residents...

09.28.2006: Emily Keyes, 16, had worked for two years at the cafe, where colleagues and friends recalled her as a vivacious, hard worker who was always smiling.

10.01.2006: Emily's legacy: acts of kindness

03.28.2007: Bailey, six months later