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12.09.2014: Prosecutor's office hosts third annual Safe Campus Symposium...
10.01.2014: Emily's Parade A Pink Streak Into High Country

A Small Collection of Foundation History

Hundreds of stories and thousands of words have been written about the events in Bailey, the resilience of the community and its residents, and the achievements that built The "I Love U Guys" Foundation. Here are a few of those stories in chronological order.
09.28.2006: Emily Keyes, 16, had worked for two years at the cafe
10.01.2006: Emily's legacy: acts of kindness
10.01.2006: Keyes' memory etched in mother
10.04.2006: Game aids healing for family, Bailey
10.07.2006: Choppers roar for slain teen
01.17.2007: Keyes family supports organ fund
03.27.2007: Keyes family statement on release of the CBI Summary Report
03.27.2007: Keyes family praises officers
03.28.2007: Bailey, six months later
05.02.2007: Tragedy's lessons find eager scholars
05.13.2007: Platte Canyon High School Students build tribute to fallen classmate
09.04.2007: Emily's brother to make 38-mile run with SWAT Team
09.27.2007: One year later... most of the town turned out to remember
09.29.2007: Community Runs, Walks, Rides for Emily Keyes
You don't choose tragedy.
You don't choose tragedy.
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