The Standard Response Protocol

Since its introduction in 2009, the Standard Response Protocol has been adopted by districts, departments and agencies across the US and Canada. The conformance to FEMA guidance about plain language and the simplicity of implementation has resulted in thousands of schools and law enforcement agencies implementing the program.

As organizations began adoption of the program, an ongoing commitment from The "I Love U Guys" Foundation has been to keep the materials relevant. In late 2014, the Foundation initiated a total refresh on the materials, practices and guidance.

icons The goal was to bring guidance to contemporary standards and keep the materials culturally relevant. What was gratifying from this refresh was that the general guidance has survived the test of time. It's been battle proven. And it works far beyond the original intent. Time has shown that implementing the SRP isn't simply about a standardized response, but it's a catalyst for changing a school's culture around safety.

That said, an agent of change has to be firmly settled in time. The current time. With the directive of re-evaluating everything, the Foundation began to scrutinize every aspect of guidance, premise, messaging, practices, branding, graphic standards, audience and distribution.

This is the result. SRP V2. There are some changes. Operationally, changes are modest. Tuning the guidance. Visually, there is an evolution. Our audiences live in this time. Not 2009.

Why Change? Thousands of schools are using it!

The bottom line is simple. School, and community, safety is not a static model. Safety professionals should constantly scrutinize current practices. If the scrutiny reveals that change should occur, then change it. It’s also important to deliver the changes with a reasonable migration path. As the five-year mark ended for the SRP, it became time to evaluate and improve on the historical standards. This is the result.

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