The "I Love U Guys" Foundation symbolism

A New Tradition

Dignity, Courage, Strength, Honor and Compassion in All Response.

American Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Departments have a rich tradition of presenting "Challenge Coins" as symbols of unity or recognition.

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation has embraced this tradition as an emblem of commitment, a token of recognition and a unique fundraiser.

It is our hope that you will consider presenting any one of these coins to an individual in your organization who has demonstrated "Distinctive Response." And we would be delighted if you purchased any of these coins and joined us in our pledge.

Commitment $25

Individually edge numbered, hand painted with exposed brass.


Recognition $50

Individually edge numbered, plated in gold and silver colored nickel.


Distinction. $250

Individually edge numbered, 44 grams of pure silver.


Download the Information Sheet

To order, just send us email with your mailing address and type of coin. We'll ship the coin and pouch with a return envelope for your check.