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The size of the Foundation compared to our impact footprint isn’t an illusion. It’s a collaboration. It’s our Force Multipliers—influencers, decision makers, kind hearted-givers—that make us effective. (You can read all about how, and how well, we do what we do here.)

We also work with influential umbrella organizations, state and national training organizations and associations, insurance pools, municipalities, school safety centers, and State Departments of Education.

And now, we hope, you.

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As an Underwriter, you can choose to financially support:

  • Enhancement of existing programs,
  • Training materials for programs,
  • Cost offsets for onsite training, keynotes, and debriefings for organizations that could not otherwise afford them,
  • Research and Development for new programs and initiatives,
  • Customized curriculum and material adoption for your organization or community,
  • Customized training programs for your organization or community.


Program Underwriting

As a Program Underwriter, your company name and logo could appear in the front matter of our materials and acknowledged on “10 minute break slides” at trainings. For the PDF versions, a hyperlink to your website is embedded.

  • $10,000: Single program underwriting
  • $50,000: All program underwriting

Training Material Underwriting

As a Training Materials Underwriter, your gift offsets costs of materials for organizations attending our trainings: easily-accessible reference materials in the hands of those who are making schools safer and in front of the populations they serve.


  • $500: Breakout training event
  • $1,000: Half or full day training event
  • $5,000: Five full day training events
  • $10,000: Ten full day training events

Training and Event Underwriting

  • $7,500 – provides one 1/2 day training session for a school, district, organization or community that can’t otherwise afford it.
  • $10,000 — provides one full day training session
  • $25,000 – provides 3 training sessions for schools, districts, organizations or communities that can’t otherwise afford them.
  • $50,000 – provides 7 training sessions for schools, districts, organizations or communities that can’t otherwise afford them.


The “I Love U Guys” Foundation is investing in programs across the spectrum of school climate, culture, response and recovery. Initiative underwriting funds the research and development for our future.

Funding a new initiative affords partners “Grandfather” status: All resulting materials, programs, and curriculum acknowledge the underwriting partner.

In 2019, the Foundation began work on two new Initiatives: The Aftermath Project and Bold Impact. We have seeded funds. You can help bring them to fruition.

Journalists Capturing the Stories. Survivors Crafting Advice.

Aftermath Project LogoThe Aftermath objective is to provide pragmatic, compassionate, and proven guidance on how to move through the recovery process after school violence events with kindness and fortitude.



What If I Told You We Can Stop School Attacks?

Bold Impact Logo

There’s research that shows us how to stop the violence before it begins, and programs that show us the path. BOLD people and organizations are 
working collectively to get it done.






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All contributions to The “I Love U Guys” Foundation are fully tax deductible.

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Our Individual Contributors are individuals wanting to take an active role in improving school safety by financially supporting the broad mission of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation. Employers often kick in a little too through workplace giving programs.

Student and School

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation is an excellent option for community service projects. Relevant and tangible, students feel the importance, resulting in stronger learning. Penny drives, Facebook fundraisers, or ongoing programs like Columbine High School’s Student Senate that contributes annually in connection with an event all have an impact.


Non partisan, and a-political, The “I Love U Guys” Foundation is an excellent choice for corporations seeking ways to build community and demonstrate true support of their employees’ families.

Monthly Gifts

$5/month impacts over 500 students, a dozen educators and a couple of cops every year. $50/month impacts even more.

Onetime Gifts

$100-$1,000 funds mission support. $1,000-$5,000 funds development time and our no-cost materials model. $5,000-$10,000 helps our program evaluation and evolution: new research to apply to existing programs as well as supplemental training materials. $50,000-$250,000 contributions allow us to fund new initiatives, like The Aftermath Project and Bold Impact.

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Our Mission Partners are socially-conscious enterprises that bring strong mission alignment to the relationship.

Mission Partnership with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation leverages our assets – relationships, community, brand, and expertise – to create a business value proposition for our partners. Our Mission Partners make an annual commitment, often paid monthly.

We exchange value in a number of ways:

The Briefings

Two registrations to each of our school safety symposiums, The Briefings, and a table for a marketing display.
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Training Calendar

Access to our training calendar with venue and host detail.

Product Development

Some Mission Partners have developed a product, based or influenced, on one of our programs. We can provide material participation in product or training design and implementation.

The Landscape Call

One or more of the Foundation’s executive team holds a Landscape Call with our Mission Partners: A one-on-one exchange offering perspectives that can be hard to achieve from the commercial perspective.


Our Mission Partners are acknowledged on “10 minute break slides” at our trainings, exposing brands to over 10,000 school safety administrators and first responders every year. Call outs are also included (some sponsored trainings excluded).


Your company logo and hyperlink to your website on The “I Love U Guys” Foundation website and in some digital materials.

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As a Commercial Licensee, your organization is granted rights to use I Love U Guys Program materials in commercial materials, apps, or programs. Strong mission alignment is, of course, required.

Licensing Levels

We categorize material licensees into 4 categories:

  1. Startup – $2,500/year
  2. Emerging – $5,000/year
  3. Established – $7,500/year
  4. Mature – $10,000/year

We also offer a $1/year Training Subsidizing option where your brand receives 20 minutes within a full day training session to showcase your product.

Your company logo and hyperlink to your website on The “I Love U Guys” Foundation website and in some digital materials.

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Contact Us

Curriculum Adopters work with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation to customize programs, trainings, and materials for a specific use in a community. This is a high-touch, customized partnership. 

For instance, the Foundation has worked with school district self insurance pools in Texas, Oregon, and Colorado. We start by customizing materials to fit their audience or membership. In Texas, we included statute and how Foundation programs fit. In Oregon, appropriate policy, developed by OSBA, was included.

The Texas School Safety Center is another example. TxSSC incorporated these materials into online toolkits. Importantly, materials are also co-branded. But this is just one part of our Curriculum Adoption program. We also develop train the trainer materials.

Historically, the Foundation has worked with these umbrella organizations to both create then deliver the programs through training and outreach. Often, a second or sometimes third year of training before going to the next curriculum evolution.

We’re Kinda Particular…

There is a strong brand affiliation with our Program Underwriters. Tell us a little about your organization to get started.