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Incident Command Training

Course Description

A general guide to Incident Command. (Educators, don’t stress. This one is ok.)

Introduced in 2009, the Standard Response Protocol is a proven enhancement to school safety planning. Thousands of schools in the US and Canada have adopted the program.

Introduced in 2012, the Standard Reunification Method fills a critical void in school safety planning: How to reunite students with their parents after a crisis.

This presentation has been developed participants with a top-level, general understanding of the Incident Command System. It is based on the online training IS-100ScA available from FEMA.

Target Audience

Educators, Administrators, School and District Safety Teams, Campus Supervisors, Law Enforcement

Number Of Students


Course Duration

45 – 60 Minutes


Participants will learn the basics of Incident Command.

Scope Statement

In this module, participants will receive an overview of the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System

Terminal Learning Objective

Participants will gain an understanding of how and why Incident Command should be used in a crisis.

Enabling Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to

  1. state a brief history of NIMS,
  2. understand basic Incident Command Structure, and
  3. recognize how it can be used in managing school-based events.
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