COVID-19 Response: The Standard Distribution Method

March 20, 2020 / by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

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The “I Love U Guys” Foundation has long been a conduit for research-based best practices that help people in schools and other public spaces respond to crises. Today we feel called upon to use this core competency in the new context of COVID-19 as many of our stakeholders deal with shutdowns, delays, meal distribution needs, and more. 

Announcing the Standard Distribution Method (SDM): a program to help safely and orderly distribute food and learning materials during crises. Like all our programs, the SDM was developed hand-in-hand with experts in the field. 

In fact, it’s already been used. Pat Hamilton of the Adams 12 Five Star school district in Colorado put to use our beta and helped refine it while he distributed over 16,000 meals this past week. See it in action:

Please utilize these suggested methods to streamline the process of distributing meals and learning materials for your school environment.

In addition to our new program, we intend to serve as a central point of information sharing and collaboration during the COVID-19 crisis: How new programs are performing, and how elements in our existing programs are and can be used to respond to this period of uncertainty. Please share with us—on social media or by sending us an email—what you’re doing, what you need, and what could be helpful so we can all learn and adjust.

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