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March 13, 2020 / by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

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As a school administrator, there’s only so much time you can spend researching systems and programs and thinking through all the possible emergency scenarios. There’s so much on your plate, and safety is just one concern. Following some high-profile incidents around the country, administrators in the Robinson Independent School District (ISD) wanted to work on what to do to make schools safer. 

”I was all about playing out the scenarios,” says David Wrzesinski, Robinson ISDs Safety and Emergency Management Director, explained, “My mind started working backward, taking the worst situation I could think of and backing up to see what things were needed to keep the worst from happening.” Is it possible to anticipate every negative situation? Wrzesinski responds straight out: “No, it’s not 100% possible, but you can certainly be prepared and know how to respond in the vast majority of cases.

A Digital Solution for a Human Challenge

Robinson ISD found its solution in our incredible community, working with our featured Mission Partner, Raptor Technologies. They’re the leading provider of integrated school safety technologies for K−12 schools in the United States. We go way back with them, working shoulder-to-shoulder on school safety. We thought you’d like to get to know them better, too.

We know Raptor as a heartfelt innovator. They introduced the first web-based Visitor Management system designed exclusively for schools in 2002. Their real-time reporting dashboards help school districts compare and benchmark historical incident data and optimize emergency practices to ensure continuous improvement, another deeply-held value we share.

In 2017, Raptor launched its digital Emergency Management system based largely on our Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Standard Reunification Method (SRM) platforms. 

Eileen Shihadeh, Raptor CMO, explained, “We saw great value in the meticulous way The “I Love U Guys” Foundation worked to create a clean, robust set of practices that is now widely accepted and understood. That cemented the need to align logically, and bridge the format gap from paper to digital.” 

The Impact of a Familiar, Aligned System

Raptor Technologies helps protect more than 32,000 schools across the nation. In the case of Robinson ISD, Wrzesinski continued, “one of the beauties of the Raptor system is that it aligns with the [Standard Response Protocol and Standard Reunification Method], so our staff didn’t really have to learn a whole new set of procedures.”  

We share a mutual mission to keep kids and schools safe, working together using their technology and our paper protocol. They avidly back our briefings that support the whole community. Their hearts are just in the right place.

More about Raptor Technologies

Founded in 2002, Raptor Technologies developed the first Web-based visitor management system designed exclusively for schools. The Raptor® system monitors every visitor, contractor, and volunteer who enters a building and provides instant screening for sex offender status, custody orders, and other custom alerts. The system has flagged more than 50,000 registered sex offenders attempting to enter K−12 schools and has issued more than 250,000 custom alerts to date. In the fall of 2017, the company unveiled Raptor Emergency Management, a system that helps schools prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency incidents with drill management, active incident accountability, and parent-student reunification tools. 

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Learn more about Raptor Technologies.

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