P3 Campus

Often, before a tragic event occurs, someone knew about it. When tragedy occurs, it's then magnified by the pain of hindsight—what could we have done to prevent it. Of violent incidents in US schools, 81% of the time, someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but failed to report it. Anonymous tip reporting is an opportunity for members of the school community to share concerning behaviors and prevent the preventable.

P3 Campus is an anonymous tip reporting solution designed specifically for K-12 and higher education school communities. Students, staff, and parents can report about a broad range of concerns, from mental health issues - to suicide threats - to threats of violence, through the P3 Campus mobile app or through any web browser at P3Campus.com.

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation believes collaboration between peace officers, school administrators, and mental health professionals is vital in the prevention of tragedy. The relationship between these three forces can change the landscape of school safety. P3 Campus is the tool that facilitates these three groups of experts working together for improved school safety. P3's proven technology is used in thousands of schools, has highlighted students who need help, and has saved many lives. The technology is supplemented by student lessons, promotional materials, and deployment guides to have schools up and running quickly, receiving quality reports and managing reports effectively. P3 Campus will aid you in gathering the information you need to fully support and protect your students.


You don't choose tragedy.