Trama Kit

Critical Care in the Classroom.

Nothing is more critical in the first moments of a crisis than preparation. No one know this more than those who have served on our front lines. The team at TRAMEDIC™ understands that preparation is more than a plan. Preparation also means reliable, life-saving equipment which is easy to use, train and execute under pressure.

Trama KitIn today's world, you never know when a serious injury will occur. Being prepared for when it happens doesn't have to be scary, overly expensive, or difficult to manage. The goal of TRAMEDIC™ is to place real life-saving treatments in regular people's hands because sometimes injuries are so serious you don't have time to wait for help. TRAMEDIC™ accomplishes this by incorporating a mix of intuitive products, simple instructions, and effective training videos to ensure you and your organization are prepared for the worst.

Trama KitThe TRAMEDIC™ line of trauma kits was developed to bring life-saving treatments to the lowest level responder possible. By increasing the effectiveness of medical material at the point of injury and simplifying the use of the equipment, they have changed the way the world plans for emergencies and mass casualty situations.

Trama KitThe "I Love U Guys" Foundation partners with TRAMEDIC™ because we believe in not only prevention of a crisis but proper response to one as well.

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