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Catapult - Mission Partner

Catapult has been a Mission Partner of The "I Love U Guys" Foundation since 2018. We joined forces because we share a common goal: ensuring the safety of schools and communities.

Catapult's belief is in simplicity, guiding actions towards higher success. They promote preparedness through flexible drilling and emergency manuals. Their integration with law enforcement enhances their ability to respond effectively. They utilize multi-medium alerts to reach everyone efficiently.


CatapultK12's Emergency Management System (EMS) embodies the mission of The "I Love U Guys" Foundation. It provides an intuitive solution that swiftly resolves active emergencies while preventing future incidents. Students can report anonymously, fostering a sense of safety. Teachers and staff confidently navigate a software they understand. Families find reassurance in knowing their students and campuses are proactive.

CatapultEMS delivers a centralized, cloud-based emergency communication system to connect your teachers, sites, district, parents and law enforcement in a crisis. Keep everyone safe and secure during an emergency or crisis.

CatapultEMS Capabilities

Stop threats before they begin with CatapultEMS’ anonymous tip reporting capability. Catapult has a newly designed product that encourages continued engagement with your students and parents and builds confidence and capability to handle emergencies, crises and threats.

  • Anonymous Tip Reporting
  • Panic Button Solutions
  • Mass Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Law Enforcement Integration
  • Emergency Manangement System
  • One Click automates the entire EMS
  • Highly Configurable ICS (Incident Command System)
  • Detailed Reunification



CatapultEMS - An All-in-One K-12 Emergency Management Solution

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Case Study - Twin Rivers USD Overview

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Catapult EMS

Explore the capabilities of Catapult EMS including realtime student accounting, staff location check-ins, threat report management, and more.

Catapult EMS - School Drill

Follow along as Twin Rivers Unified School District uses Catapult EMS in a drill to manage an incident starting from the time the threat was reported.

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