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One critical aspect of crisis response is accountable reunification of students with their parents or guardians in the event an unexpected release is necessary. The Standard Reunification Method provides school and district safety teams, public safety, and emergency managers proven methods for planning, practicing and achieving a successful reunification.


Successful planning and implementation will also demand partnerships with all responding agencies participating in a crisis response. The Standard Reunification Method Reunification Exercise (SRM-REx) gives you all of the tools necessary to conduct a successful exercise.

Reunification Exercise in a Box

SRM-REx brings our team to your community to work with all of the stakeholders in a focused classroom training, tabletop exercise, and functional demonstrations and exercises to prepare organizations to conduct an actual reunification of students with their respective parents or guardians.

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.
Arnold H. Glasow

Hands on. Two days.

The Standard Reunification Method - Reunification Exercise is intended to show emergency response personnel what capabilities there are for handling, organizing, and re-unifying the staff and students that have experienced an emergent event that was manmade, technological, or natural. Some of the exercise material is intended for exclusive use for certain emergency response disciplines, district staff, or specific exercise players.

How it Works
What they are saying
I was not comfortable, prior to the exercise, to run a reunification. The exercises and practice made the process tangible and I feel able to run the process.
Laurie T
Great work by all. Organized and efficient.
Fritz K.
Very motivated and exceptional speakers. Thank you.
Robert B.
Great class as usual from the "I Love U Guys" Foundation.
Andrew C.

We've got some work to do

Planning and executing a functional exercise takes some work. And, there is a little wrangling, a little sweating, and an occasional surprise. We've done it before even if you haven't, and we can help get it done.

When we're done, everything you need to do it again is here.

Planning & Logistics

It all starts with a plan. Where is classroom training going to occur. Where is the exercise. Then we work with you to get right people in the mix.

Day One, The Classroom

Classroom training starts with the SRP/SRM Half Day Workshop. The afternoon continues with Crisis Communication and interactive audience-based demonstration of how the process works.

Day Two, Showtime

The exercise starts fast after the safety briefing and introductions. Rapid game play quickly establishes teams and fosters ice-breakers. (Totally non-awkward, BTW.)

Then do it Again

At the end of the day, you have the skills, materials and plans to do it again.


We all want a good news school safety story. Take this opportunity to tell the story. Foundation personnel are optionally available to the media as well.

Get Your Steps In

There's a little bit of effort over the course of the day. You might end up with a few extra steps.

Magical Force Field Tape

You call it caution tape. We have a different name for it. Bottom line, we stage the exercise just like the real deal.

The Whole Day

While we schedule the day from 8:30 - 16:30 (4:30pm), the last hour we reserve just in case we need it. We usually wrap by 15:30 (3:30pm).

Epic Videos


Take a look at our 2 day Reunification Exercise.

Download the Video

Reunification Video

This video was produced in April of 2021.

Download the Video


Bring it!
From vests to bullhorns to everything else, we got this.

*Cat not included.


Reunification Exercise

Downloadable versions of all materials are made available at no cost. Optionally, you can purchase some printed materials.

REx   Reunification Exercise

REx Reunification Exercise

This is a DRAFT working version of the facilitator's guide. Last edit was 06/26/2022 and we're expecting the next update in September. We're pre-releasing this due to demand. Bear with us as we progress this material.

Download PDF

ID's Layout Updated

ID's Layout Updated

The purpose of this exercise is to establish student and parent actors. The artifice used are Identification Cards that correspond to unique student parent relationships.

Download PDF

Roster Data Updated

Roster Data Updated

The identities on the Identification Cards correspond to the rosters of respective “Classes or Classrooms.”

Download PDF

REx Training Presentation


Download Incident Command

Download SRM Training


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