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Let’s get there together.

Partner with Love

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation has never gone it alone. Our work is the result of collaboration and partnerships with leaders - thought and action leaders - across the school safety and reunification space. We're a powerful conduit that unites the work of education, law enforcement, emergency management, psychologists, and first responders.

We will reach our mission of protecting the joy of youth through consistent and positive safety programs in all schools, and we'll reach it with the help of others.

The Partner With Love program allows individuals and organizations to help The "I Love U Guys" Foundation by making financial contributions that help us reach our goals faster. We're glad you found us. Please take a moment and explore the ways you or your organization can Partner With Love.

We are not simply a discussion. We are a disruption.
John-Michael Keyes, Executive Director, The "I Love U Guys" Foundation

There is nothing in business today that provides as much economic and social benefit, on as many levels, to as many stakeholders, as a strategic partnership between any combination of the nonprofit, for-profit, education and government sectors when focused on the greater good.

Nothing else comes even close.

Bruce Burtch

With you, we got this.

Partner with Love

When it comes to protecting the joy of youth, everyone has a role. Everyone. We facilitate force multipliers: Companies, organizations and individuals of various sizes and means who want a proactive way to align with or support the work of school safety.

We are dedicated to a sustainable, earned income business model. Our programs are available at no cost. Revenue occurs through service fees and our Partner with Love Program. Because we'll only get there together, and with love.

We Stay In Our Lane

We are often contacted for help with activities outside our mission. Site assessments, consulting, safety planning. These may be opportunities for us to find new partners, but we remain disciplined to our core mission and prefer to refer.

Our earned income business model helps us stay laser-focused as well. No energy is pulled from our work toward programs like donated cars, silent auctions, or product sales.

Our programs are used in nearly 50,000 schools, districts, departments, agencies and organizations, serving and helping the lives of millions of students, adults, and first responders.

Force Multipliers

The size of the Foundation compared to our impact footprint isn’t an illusion. It’s a collaboration. It’s our Force Multipliers. Influencers, decision makers, kind hearted-givers that make us effective.

We also work with influential umbrella organizations, state and national training organizations and associations, insurance pools, municipalities, school safety centers, and State Departments of Education.

Explore the options below. With you, we got this.

Individual Contributors

It starts with Contributors. Our Individual Contributors are individuals wanting to take an active role in improving school safety by financially supporting the broad mission of The "I Love U Guys" Foundation.

Curriculum Adoption

We work with umbrella organizations and customize our curriculum to work with their audience or membership. For instance, the Foundation has worked with school district self insurance pools in Texas, Oregon, and Colorado. We've also worked with School Safety Centers, Foundations, and even Municipalities.

Included are a number of trainings, in person and remote.

Corporate Contributors

Corporate philanthropy can be a powerful force for change. A contribution to The "I Love U Guys" Foundation can have a profound impact.

Program Advancers

Other umbrella organizations will partner with the Foundation to advance our programs in their state or region.

We work with Regional Educational Service Centers, Departments of Education, non-profits, emergency management, other state and county departments. These organizations also provide our training for their members and districts.

Training and Event Underwriting

As a Training and Event Underwriter, your gift offsets the costs of our onsite training, keynotes, and debriefings for organizations that could not otherwise afford them. These events augment the free material available on our website, and provide valuable background knowledge, motivation and support for anyone implementing our programs or providing first responder / safety services to schools and districts. Providing this support enables the best school safety standards to be more effectively deployed in resource limited districts.

Curriculum Development

School safety software providers have utilized the Standard Response Protocol and Standard Reunification Method in their software applications for years.

Curriculum Development allows us to partner with for-profit organizations to customize curriculum based on the software tools. We also conduct training engagements together to utilize the combined curriculum.


As our programs have spread across schools, districts, departments and organizations, recognition has grown that we have an obligation to ensure continuance. We're starting down the path of structured, intact principals providing an investment income stream. Be a part of sustaining our impact.

Mission Partner (The Whole Shebang)

We cannot do this work alone. We cannot keep communities and schools safe alone. We need for-profit companies who work in this space to support the Foundation and help fulfill our mission.

It is more than a monetary commitment. It is more than a sponsorship or your logo on our site. Relationships are at the heart of our programs and training, and Mission Partnership with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation leverages our relationships, community, brand, and expertise to build stronger communities and schools through stronger partnerships. We hope you will join us in our important work.

Software Integration

Software companies will come across The “I Love U Guys” Foundation programs being used in districts, departments, and agencies all around the world.

In order to keep a cohesive and functional program, we offer the licensing of our logos, icons, processes, and actions within the software tools districts, departments, and agencies are using to enhance their plans and processes.

Mission Partners

Software Integrations

Curriculum Adopters

Curriculum Development

Program Advancers

Training Underwriters


One more thing

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation has delivered ground breaking programs to schools, districts, departments, agencies and organizations, at no cost, for over a decade.

Proven effective, our programs are being used every day in tens of thousands of schools by millions of people. (Pretty astonishing.) That outcome garners a responsibility. A commitment to constantly evaluate and evolve our programs. A commitment to provide the programs at no cost.

But “no cost” isn’t free. It takes people and payroll and capital to ensure that we’re here today, and here tomorrow. Many non-profits rely on a donor base to keep the doors open. The “I Love U Guys” Foundation takes a different approach. A combination of mission driven earned income, our Partner with Love program, and solid reserves has demonstrated a long term sustainability model unique in the non profit sector.

2023 Revenue, Reserves & Real Estate

Note: Projected revenue based on current commitments. Amounts are rounded to the nearest thousand. Global crisis may impact certain revenue streams.

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The I Love U Guys Foundation pioneers practices and works with seasoned stakeholders to develop and deliver the most relevant programs and training, motivating people to make their schools and communities safer.

I had no idea of the scale of work the Foundation does.
Kay G. Elementary School Principal

Today, over 50,000 schools, districts, departments, agencies and organizations are using our programs. Representing millions of students, adults, and first responders. And, what makes our programs unique is the fact that often they are a catalyst within an organization to do more. Implementing our programs shows the people within an organization that accomplishment is achievable.

Mission Partners
Curriculum Adopters
Curriculum Development
Software Integrations
Training Underwriters
Program Advancers
Hugs. I Love u guys.


To restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations and government entities.


Standard Response Protocol

Action-based, flexible, and easy to learn.

Standard Reunification Method

Recovery starts when the crisis begins.

Reunification Exercise

Ready to go "Exercise in a Box."

Training and Events

From breakout sessions to full day workshops.

Tender Loving Care

Other projects we're handling with a little TLC.

Partner with Love

Together we’re a powerful conduit that unites.