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CrisisGo - Mission Partner

CrisisGo has been a partner of The "I Love U Guys" Foundation since 2020. We joined forces because we both share a compassion for students, their well-being, education, and overall safety. Both organizations are consisted of passionate individuals who are driven to see every school district implementing effective safety procedures.

CrisisGo firmly believes in the fundamental right of every individual to work and receive an education in a secure environment. With this core belief in mind, their solutions are purposefully designed to ensure the safety of everyone within schools. They go beyond simply providing tools; they offer a comprehensive approach to living safely. Their mission is to empower every staff member, teacher, parent, and student to recognize their role in maintaining school safety. Through their podcast 'Coffee with Kelly: A Discussion on School Safety,' CrisisGo openly shares their passion for improving our schools and community. They share their skills, ideas, and everything else necessary to protect the well-being of our future generations.

Their solutions are built from the ground up, comprised of innovation from their years of personal education experience and input from current K12 educators. This tailors their K12 solutions specifically to those who will use them, and enable them to be students of safety, and protectors of our children in schools.


CrisisGo's solutions enable efficient and urgent communication among all stakeholders in a school district. With specific alerts, situational awareness, and life-saving details, these solutions break down communication barriers. Their product lineup includes Safety iResponse, a comprehensive platform that facilitates quick and easy communication between stakeholders and first responders during emergencies.

Safety Intervention Manager is a user-friendly software for addressing behavioral issues and establishing threat assessment teams. Safety Reunification Manager provides schools with a complete after-crisis management solution, ensuring parents' peace of mind. Safety iPass offers an all-in-one solution for school access control and health monitoring. It effortlessly manages entry by evaluating the health status of students, staff, and visitors. Safe2SpeakUP, a COPPA-compliant companion app to CrisisGo, allows students aged 18 and under to anonymously report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends.

CrisisGo's wearables, equipped with AWS and LoraWAN technology, provide a convenient and fast way to connect with safety resources, regardless of location. Lastly, CrisisGo's Mounted Panic Buttons are discreet yet powerful desk-mounted panic buttons that allow teachers, front office staff, and school personnel to initiate an instant, silent alert at the first sign of an emergency.

Multi Device Reunification


Open Integration Platform

CrisisGo Open Integration Platform

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Mental Health Management

Digital K12 School Mental Health Management Platform

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School Safety Platform - iResponse

Unified K12 School Safety Platform - iResponse

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School Safety Platform - Ultimate Solutions for Florida Schools

CrisisGo Unified K12 School Safety Platform - Florida Schools

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