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SchoolSAFE - Mission Partner

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation has proudly partnered with SchoolSAFE since 2008. Our collaboration is driven by our mutual commitment to enhancing school safety. Together, we provide schools with essential equipment, tools, and training to improve their crisis response capabilities. SchoolSAFE's two-way radio communication and interoperability program supports effectiveness and efficiency of the Standard Response Protocol and the Standard Reunification Method.

SchoolSAFE focuses on the collaboration between schools and local public safety agencies in order to effectively address emergencies in educational settings. By prioritizing communication through two-way radios, which are the primary means of communication for both public safety agencies and school districts during crisis situations, SchoolSAFE ensures that vital information can be shared quickly and efficiently. Their training program is specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of school and district safety teams, enabling them to effectively respond to incidents with the support of public safety professionals.

SchoolSAFE's mission is to strengthen community partnerships on a school-by-school basis, while also enhancing two-way radio communication across all school districts and communities nationwide. Their ultimate goal is to create safer schools through the SchoolSAFE Program, all while upholding high standards of quality, integrity, and fostering collaborative teamwork.


SchoolSAFE offers seamless interoperability through their cutting-edge hardware, which allows public safety officials to utilize the two-way radio frequencies of both the district and individual schools. Their hardware is installed in each school, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Additionally, their proprietary software acts as a bridge, facilitating connections whenever necessary.

To ensure that all elements come together seamlessly, they provide a comprehensive training program. This program equips safety teams with the necessary tools to work efficiently and effectively during the critical moments of an incident. It also instills confidence in the school's team, enabling them to communicate effectively with first responders as they swiftly respond to the scene.

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Community Partnering

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SchoolSAFE Communications

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SchoolSAFE Public Safety

See why public safety and first responders are choosing SchoolSAFE to communicate with their schools.

School Safety through Partnership

Hear from law enforcement, safety directors and educators on how the partnership between SchoolSAFE and The "I Love U Guys" Foundation is enhancing school safety through the combined use of their communications systems and response protocol.



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