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TownSteel - Mission Partner

Town Steel and The "I Love U Guys" Foundation became partners in May of 2024. We partnered because we both share a deep-rooted passion for protecting and creating safer school environments.

TownSteel's expertise in providing high-quality security solutions aligns seamlessly with the Foundation's commitment to enhancing safety protocols in schools. By joining forces, we can combine resources, knowledge, and efforts to empower educators, students, and parents with the tools they need to create secure learning environments. Together, we can work towards fostering a culture of preparedness and vigilance, ensuring that schools are safe havens for all who inhabit them.


Central to TownSteel's mission is the belief that every individual within a school community deserves to feel safe and secure. TownSteel designs its products with great attention to detail, ensuring they exceed the guidelines established by credible school safety organizations like the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS).

TownSteel distinguishes itself through its agility and responsiveness. In an ever-evolving landscape of security needs, TownSteel remains adaptable and quick to respond, tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of each school environment.

With TownSteel’s Aegis locks, schools can equip every classroom, whether it's prepped with a mortise or bored opening, or with a large message indicator lock. This innovative design not only simplifies installation but also enhances accessibility and functionality. By offering a consistent locking mechanism across all classroom doors, TownSteel enables schools to streamline their security protocols and ensure uniformity in safety procedures. The Aegis line's adaptability underscores TownSteel's commitment to providing affordable, comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of educational environments, ultimately promoting peace of mind and safety for students and educators alike.

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Comphrehensive School Security Strategy

Building a Comphrehensive School Security Strategy

Physical Security

Building a Comprehensive School Security Strategy: Physical Security

The Classroom is the Foundation of School Security

The importance of policy and process in an effective school safety strategy

Community Engagement

Building a Comprehensive School Security Strategy: Community Engagement

Policy and Process- Their Importance in School Safety Strategy

The Classroom is the Foundation of School Security

Policy and Process- Their Importance in School Safety Strategy

Prioritizing School Safety on a Limited Budget



Brandon Faber - Business Development Manager, Campus Security Solutions

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